October 26, 2008

Facebook and serving students

I have long found Facebook to be a useful tool to link with my students. Yesterday, I was creating an ad campaign for one of my programs when an invitation to Facebook chat popped up from Austin, a student "friend". Austin's girlfriend was coming to town for the football game and he was shopping for an extra student ticket. I told him that I would put out the word, and then updated my Facebook status and sent an email to my student listserv.  
Within a couple of minutes, I had an email from another of my 
students, Danielle, with an available ticket. 

Connection made.

This entire action took a few moments of my time on a Saturday afternoon and was made available by my willingness to link with students in the social networks where they live. Did it make a difference? I think so. 

I received this message by email at 12:35 a.m.

Debra, thank you so much for pointing me to Danielle! Today turned out great and I owe it all to you!
Thanks again.


Venkat said...

This is exactly what I like about social networking and web 2.0. Many of us think that social networking is just about making new friends and catching up with existing ones. But what technology can really do for us is sometimes beyond our imagination.

Debra said...

I completely agree. As we seek new methods to enhance student success, networking links are essential. Thank you for your comment!