July 13, 2009

Media Wisdom of 15-year olds

Morgan Stanley's European media folks asked their 15-year old intern, Matthew Robson, to share his perspective on the media consumption of his peers and published the resulting paper. Although not data driven or full of new insights, the report does confirm a lot about the listening, viewing, and reading habits of the teenage audience. Texting wins out over Twitter, Facebook is still tops, and no one ever picks up a newspaper. Ever.

Read about it here: How Teenagers Consumer Media


Gary Alan Miller said...

It's really been remarkable how much press this fellow's report has received. I'm not sure if it's a bellwether or just an odd blip on the radar!

Debra Sanborn said...

Not certain either, Gary. My favorite response was from the Business Week London intern seen here: http://tinyurl.com/noycb2

It does create great discussion until we have some quantifiable data on the subject. Thanks for your comment!